A brief overview of the project...

Hello guys and girls,
This will be the blog of our Youth Exchange "Tell your story through the picture".
We are happy to present you some details about the project that will take place in Riga, Latvia from 27th of June till 5th of July.
We are 25 people and 5 group leaders from Romania, Croatia, Lithuania, Italy and of course Latvia.
The aim of the project is to learn through the universal environment of photography, to understand what it means to be unemployed at a young age and to improve the understanding that young people have similar hopes and wishes to build a better future for themselves.
Our main goal is to create an unique exposition about youth unemployment seen from our perspective.  Some other goals are: mutual understanding, communication skills, enchanting creativity and entrepreneurship. We will be divided in 5 different groups with participants of different nationalities and each group will produce a different theme on youth unemployment reflecting the problem from five different angles. The themes are:  How did we get here? What means unemployment for youth? How does unemployment affect youth? Why is employment important? What is the solution of youth unemployment?
We believe that pictures always tell a story without words and it is an universal way to deliver an important message in the form of photos made by youngsters for youngsters all over the world, especially in the days of social media where information can go viral in a short time and can have a long-lasting positive influence on the mind-set of young people.
I hope that now you have a better picture about our project.
See you in the end of June :)